Tiger of Sweden is an innovative brand that has continuously evolved since 1903. Founders, Marcus Schwartzman and Hjalmar Nordstrom founded the brand on their belief that it was important to produce high-quality suits in a condensed time period to ensure that customers can step out in style. The luxury brand was created on Sweden’s west […]

Pants are essential to every man’s ensemble. After all, they are part of every imaginable work outfit and are found on tuxedos or suits as well. They affect other people’s perceptions of your shirt and their overall impression of your personality. However, there are so many fits and styles available that it can be difficult […]

Shirts are important monikers of first impressions. They symbolize how you feel, your taste and your habits. Whether you’re selecting a button down for a formal event, or just trying to decide on what to wear to the office, it’s essential that you choose pieces that not only fit you, but your character. Of course, […]