Graduation season is soon, which means family festivities, tons of pictures and celebrations with friends. Congrats! You are finally receiving this long-awaited diploma which brings you closer to manhood!  You’ve made it, no more weeks of pulling all-nighters, endless essays to write and lectures to attend. Whether you are graduating from secondary, high school, CEGEP, […]

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and you might be feeling caught in a whirlwind of roses and red-themed gifts in the shops. Many of you might say ‘’Oh come on, it’s only a commercial holiday!’’ but your significant other is probably waiting for a little attention on this day. So, what to wear on this […]

Winter is in full gear. But before you know it, flowers will start to bloom, buds will appear on trees, and warm days by the pool will return. Spring also announces the busiest season for weddings. The tuxedo is the ultimate in masculine elegance. A classic worn for that special day, it must be as […]

December 9, 2019

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

Every year, at the beginning of December, each of us is asking ourselves the same question: “What gifts will I give for Christmas?’’ Whether it is for our boyfriend, dad, grandfather, friend, colleague… We are all at a moment short on ideas. So, if you too are in a need of inspiration for Christmas, here […]

As the warmer days of Fall begin to leave us, we feel the freshness of our Montreal winter sneaking upon us in the cool mornings and evenings. But how should we dress without taking out our big winter coat or being cold when you go out in a t-shirt while being comfortable and elegant? Here […]

Whether you are about to enter the workforce or attending a formal event, it is important to master the business casual look. The way you present yourself on these occasions can be representative of who you are and determine how others perceive you. While you don’t want to look too overdressed, looking like a slob […]

Autumn is upon us, which means it’s time to go back to that collegiate way of life. It’s time to leave behind the swim trunks and the dress shirts you wore for your internship in favour of casual basics. Between expert layering and tailored looks, these are the essentials you need to integrate comfort and […]

Summer weddings are dreadful for dressing, especially if it is an outdoor one. They tend to be formal events, which often means you need to don a suit. That means layers, which translates into sweatiness and that makes it difficult for you to look your best. While a three-piece suit may seem to be out […]

Stay dapper this summer as you lounge by the beach or pool to cool off or to relax. Everyone knows the sun can make it difficult to remain stylish since maintaining an appropriate body temperature becomes much more of a priority. However, you can stay cool and be on-trend with the right mindset and the […]

Stand out this summer with a pop of colour to your ensemble. Prints and patterns can be a little bold, which is why striking hues can lend individuality to your wardrobe basics. While neutrals are often the safe and timeless choice, bright colours can truly help make a statement. Whether you are at the beach […]