September 27, 2015

The Essential Fall Look

There are more fashion choices and options when autumn comes around. Not only does the weather get slightly colder, but the climate continues to change on a daily basis and can even verge on the humid. Therefore, it’s necessary to wear clothes that can adapt to these different circumstances and manage to look stylishly effortless. […]

September 22, 2015

Dressing For Your Proposal

Proposals have become grandiose events that can set the tone for the actual wedding. People put on elaborate displays of affection and have made it their mission to find the most exclusive venues for this milestone. However, it’s also important to consider your attire for the day as it will be a day she remembers. […]

Suit jackets can leave a strong impression on those you encounter. In fact, they are usually the first item that people notice on an outfit due to its proximity with the face. As a result, it’s integral that the jacket fits properly and exudes the right level of sophistication. There are many factors that need […]

Jack Victor has been a leading North American manufacturer for men’s clothing since 1913. It’s a company that has been built on tradition, quality, and family values. Its rich history came from a 20 year old Romanian immigrant named Jack Wigdorovici who arrived in Canada with a powerful sense of work ethic. Since its inception, […]

Tiger of Sweden is an innovative brand that has continuously evolved since 1903. Founders, Marcus Schwartzman and Hjalmar Nordstrom founded the brand on their belief that it was important to produce high-quality suits in a condensed time period to ensure that customers can step out in style. The luxury brand was created on Sweden’s west […]

Pants are essential to every man’s ensemble. After all, they are part of every imaginable work outfit and are found on tuxedos or suits as well. They affect other people’s perceptions of your shirt and their overall impression of your personality. However, there are so many fits and styles available that it can be difficult […]

Shirts are important monikers of first impressions. They symbolize how you feel, your taste and your habits. Whether you’re selecting a button down for a formal event, or just trying to decide on what to wear to the office, it’s essential that you choose pieces that not only fit you, but your character. Of course, […]

The 1960s were about extensive transformations and provoked major nostalgia like no other era in history. Mad Men captured audiences and the characters became an integral aspect of fans’ Sunday nights as they followed their dramatic lives with rigour. However, it wasn’t only the plot that caught people’s attention, but rather the fashion. Suddenly, all […]

May 25, 2015

Coping With Graduation

Graduation season is finally here and it’s most definitely a bittersweet affair. You’ll be in the “real world” soon and you won’t be able to see your friends on a daily basis anymore. More importantly, you might be unsure of your future plans and have absolutely no idea what to do next. However, graduation can […]

Frank Sinatra’s jazz music defined the 1940s and his style was characterized by its dapper elegance. He was never seen without a fedora and a well-fitted tuxedo or suit during his performances and it seems as though it is simply his way of life. Sinatra cultivated his image with the precision of the artist that […]