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Autumn is the perfect season for a wardrobe rejuvenation. Gone are days of sweltering heat and the beating sun. The chill and the autumn leaves will come soon enough. Time for those sneakers and snapbacks to come out. Watches are good for any season, but make an unforgettable match for the fall. Varsity blues are […]

Athleisure has taken casual to a whole new level and formal dress codes are nothing like it used to be. In fact, comfort has taken centre stage in every aspect of life. Sneakers are worn with suits, bombers align with dresses, and snapbacks go with just about everything. Boss Green shoes embody this casual sentiment […]

August 30, 2016

ETON: Classic Finesse

Dapper sophistication has been ingrained into the ETON brand for almost a century. The Swedish brand began in 1928 at a small village near Gothenburg, Sweden when a married couple, Annie and David Pettersson started to sew shirts in their kitchen. Their first creation was the “Skjortfariken Special”, which translates into “Shirt Factory Special”. It […]

Z Zegna elevates athleticism to sophistication so that the modern gentleman can showcase his strong sense of comfort and elegance. This season is about striking bomber jackets, artisanal wool coats, and hoodies that will make an impression wherever you go. Quality has always been Z Zegna’s specialty, which resonates with the brand’s persistent and humble […]

Work can be quite tumultuous with impending deadlines and constant meetings. You start to think about the weekend and the fun you can have with friends. Patios, barbecues, dinners, and the beach come to mind. These events are sentimental in their own way and require the proper clothes that you can leave the office in […]

Suave clean looks are essential for any vacation getaway. Comfort is required, but dapper ensembles are still a must. Nautical waves are the norm for the Hamptonites, while poolside Caribbean resorts are hotspots for relaxation and parties. Dinners, museums, beachside, or horseback are all situations that require the perfect wardrobe. Denim jackets are versatile pieces […]

June 30, 2016

Colour Themed Wedding

Men tend to have an easier time for formal events. After all, the classic black suit is suave and sophisticated for any occasion. However, there comes a time when there’s a wedding that involves more colours due to the theme or the venue. Colourful suits become a viable option during these events and there are […]

Golf is the perfect sport for relaxation and a challenging one that requires acute concentration. It is a sport that requires the right equipment and the proper attitude. Hugo Boss has been the designated brand for men in all occasions. The office, weddings, convocation, and even casual events are all attended to in a moment’s […]

A dapper suit or a casual outfit is never complete without accessories. They possess the potential to charm and to dazzle those around you. More importantly, they give you the opportunity to express your individual quirks. They add detail to a minimalist item and become exquisite entities that tell the world who you are. Work […]

Montreal’s vibrant nightlife becomes amplified in the summertime. Restaurants and bars open their terasses after a long winter hibernation. People consume the streets with their friends and their drinks after a long day’s work. Foodies come out to dazzle as they order ostentatious food that are the envy of Instagram. Due to terasses’ extensive public […]