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A dapper suit or a casual outfit is never complete without accessories. They possess the potential to charm and to dazzle those around you. More importantly, they give you the opportunity to express your individual quirks. They add detail to a minimalist item and become exquisite entities that tell the world who you are. Work […]

The Hugo Boss Green range is an athletic and casual amalgamation. The menswear range contains sneakers, boat shoes, buckle belts, and baseball caps. Polo shirts, casual dress shirts, cargo shorts, and blue jeans are other notable items in the collection. Hugo Boss is known for their sophisticated suits, but they show that they can create […]

Menswear has grown as a category and has offered more options than ever in the past few seasons. Fall 2016 Collections harken back to the cool 1970s, Great Gatsby elegance, and popularity with bomber jackets even indicate a need for a sportswear edge. No matter your style, Club Uomo has the right accessories to add […]

January 29, 2016

The Always Dapper Black Coat

The black coat is a classic wardrobe staple that each man needs to own. It transcends day to night seamlessly and it’s a versatile piece that offers an elegant quality to each outfit. In fact, this characteristic makes it an economical option since men no longer have to purchase several coats for different occasions. Therefore, […]

It’s a miracle that there’s no snow on the ground in December. In fact, it appears to rain each time the sky wants to crack open the flurries. Despite that, it’s still fairly chilly so you need to purchase some useful items that will ensure that you stay stylish and warm. There is more variety […]

November 24, 2015

Schott NYC

Schott NYC has become the quintessential American brand that has evolved with each of the country’s significant events. It was founded by brothers of Russian immigrants, Irving and Jack Schott who pursued the American dream with vehemence. They created raincoats in a Lower East Side basement, which were sold by street peddlers door to door. […]

Pocket squares are an essential aspect to every man’s outfit. Despite that, it is often overlooked and even completely forgotten. They originated in the 14th century when French noblemen would spray perfume on them to mask the lower class’s smell as they traveled through town. This may be a useful tip for when you are […]

September 22, 2015

Dressing For Your Proposal

Proposals have become grandiose events that can set the tone for the actual wedding. People put on elaborate displays of affection and have made it their mission to find the most exclusive venues for this milestone. However, it’s also important to consider your attire for the day as it will be a day she remembers. […]

Suit jackets can leave a strong impression on those you encounter. In fact, they are usually the first item that people notice on an outfit due to its proximity with the face. As a result, it’s integral that the jacket fits properly and exudes the right level of sophistication. There are many factors that need […]

Jack Victor has been a leading North American manufacturer for men’s clothing since 1913. It’s a company that has been built on tradition, quality, and family values. Its rich history came from a 20 year old Romanian immigrant named Jack Wigdorovici who arrived in Canada with a powerful sense of work ethic. Since its inception, […]